Using North Korean Models to Build Missile Sites On the basis of specific intelligence, the IRGC’s missile sites have been created based on North Korean models and blueprints. North Korean experts have helped the Iranian regime to build them. Underground facilities and tunnels to produce, store, and maintain missiles have also been modeled after North Korean sites and were created with the collaboration of the North Korea’s experts. These North Korean experts who were sent to Iran, trained the main IRGC missile experts in IRGC garrisons, including the Almehdi Garrison situated southwest of Tehran. These ties have been strengthened to a degree where the IRGC has built a special residence for North Korean experts beside the command center of the Hemmat Missile Industry Group in Tehran – Damavand Street, Azmayesh three-way junction, 2nd kilometer of Telo road. These experts have had a continuous presence in the IRGC’s key missile industries, including building a warhead and the guidance systems. In the context of these trainings and relations, delegations of the IRGC’s aerospace constantly travel to North Korea and exchange knowledge, information and achievements with North Korean specialists. According to specific information, since nuclear negotiations in 2013, this trend has not stopped and North Korea’s experts constantly travel to Iran while the IRGC’s missile experts visit North Korea.