via The Longest Hatred: An Examination of Anti-Gentilism : Jane Birdwood : Free Download

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chapters anti gentilism

• The Banking Racket

• The Bank “of England” and the National Debt

• Control of Monetary Issue Must Return to the Crown

• The Rothschilds: Hereditary Princes of Usury

• The Banking System Corrupts “Democracy”

• Tyranny Computerized in the “Cashless Society”

• Communism is Jewish

• The Real Reason for Colored Immigration into Britain

• The Media – An Instrument of the Bankers

• Anti-semitism’ Caused by Jewish Anti-Gentilism

• Masonic Secret Societies are Controlled by Jewry

• Deliberately Contrived Wars

• The Truth Reversed in ‘Holocaust’ Hoax

• The Jews Were Expelled from Britain Once Before

Publisher’s Preface to Appendix

• The Bible and Multiracialism

• Zionists Misdirect Education

• Zionist Hoax Unmasked

• The Destruction of Evil – The Triumph of Good