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The elite are using the ignorance of the minorities as a weapon to destroy the gentile majority’s power and enslave everyone.

This is done in the name of security and equality. Achieving this requires brute silencing of dissent and keeping people dumbed-down and misinformed. Therefore, the elite will exercise a lot of censorship. They will employ all kinds of bullying, shaming and intimidatory tactics to make people cower in silence and keep the truth to themselves.

They have already criminalized thought to a certain extent. You are not allowed to “hate” anyone, or any group, except, of course, the majority gentile group. In that case, all kinds of hate, without any bounds, is allowed.

Target words that are used to label dissenters and perform witch hunts on people, using the ignorant members of the minorities, of which there are many, are “hater”, “fascist”, “Nazi”, “neo-Nazi” and “racist”.

Just questioning the government-sanctioned narrative and the one approved by the media barons will bring down a torrent of name-calling and sinner-signalling (as opposed to virtue-signaling) on one’s head in order to portray you as Satan.

Lots of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth and whining about imagined genocides in the past (and the real genocides done by these people are covered up in the meantime) to elicit justification for the silencing, censorship, and the persecution actions they do to you.

It becomes a circle of insanity. You ask them for proof that they are justified in attacking you and they say they don’t have to show proof, that “everybody knows it happened”.

So, they depend on the work done by the media barons, the groundwork established by them, that have fed the prejudices, the fake news, the wrong information, the myths and the fallacies and hoaxes to the gullible public. And yet the leaders of these minority groups consider themselves “anti-establishment”, on the fringes, hated by the ruling elite.

They take away your right to defend yourself. This is the greatest threat that the left pose, more than anything. Their views may be disagreeable but that can be dealt with and poses not too great a threat, but the fact that they insist that you should not have the right to speak if it goes against their views is the greatest problem.

And the minorities that have been whipped up into a fervor, made to believe they are carrying out a moral crusade, descend on the hapless people with pitchforks. And the victims are not protected by the police. The police don’t treat everybody equally.

They can be absent when it suits them, even while knowing full well that there is high potential for violence to break out.

The minorities aren’t fighting for equal rights, what’s more, they’re fighting for more rights, above the majority. They want to be on a higher level than the majority. They want SPECIAL TREATMENT.

And so, the minorities get seduced by the elite in this way, and the elite use them to gain power for themselves.

This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union. If you look at the make-up of the first Bolshevik Party, Russian members were only a tiny minority of it even though they were the majority ethnic group in the nation. Only eight out of 130 positions were held by Russians.

Once a minority group seize power they will do their best to lock out the majority.

The elite have been doing this steadily for many years in the USA. They have been grooming the blacks. After that, the Latinos. Even Asians, the so-called model minorities, are being seduced by these people. Now they are concentrating on the Muslims. In Europe, Muslims are the top pets of the elite.


Only 8 positions were held by Russians out of 130 positions in the Bolshevik Party. They are using the same tactic that they used in Russia in Syria and the USA. Anywhere they can do this, they will. They are doing it in EU countries. This is how they consolidate their power and smash the power of the group that is large enough to stand up to them. Once the majority are under their control, they can do anything. They will have all the power then.

From Debunking the Holocaust III

Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party was made up as follows:

Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party was made up as follows:

Bronstein (Trotsky) (Jew)
Apfelbaum (Zinovief) (Jew)
Lourie (Larine) (Jew)
Ouritski (Jew)
Volodarski (Jew)
Rosenfeldt (Kamanef) (Jew)
Smidovitch (Jew)
Sverdlof (Yankel) (Jew)
Nakhamkes (Steklof) (Jew)
Ulyanov (Lenin) (Russian) (Jew)*
Krylenko (Russian)
Lounatcharski (Russian)

The Council of the People’s Commissars comprises the following:

President Ulyanov (Lenin) (Russian) (Jew)*
Foreign Affairs Tchitcherine (Russian)
Nationalities Djugashvili (Stalin) (Georgian)
Agriculture Protian (Armenian)
Economic Council Lourie (Larine) (Jew)
Food Schlichter (Jew)
Army & Navy Bronstein (Trotsky) (Jew)
State Control Lander (Jew)
State Lands Kauffman (Jew)
Works V. Schmidt (Jew)
Social Relief E. Lelina (Knigissen) (Jewess)
Public Instruction Lounatcharsky (Russian)
Religions Spitzberg (Jew)
Interior Apfelbaum (Zinovief) (Jew)
Hygiene Anvelt (Jew)
Finance Isidore Goukovski (Jew)
Press Volodarski (Jew)
Elections Ouritski (Jew)
Justice I. Steinberg (Jew)
Refugees Fenigstein (Jew)
Refugees (assist.) Savitch (Jew)
Refugees (assist.) Zaslovski (Jew)

Sverdlov (president) (Jew)
Avanessof (sec.) (Armenian)
Bruno (Latvian)
Babtchinski (Jew)
Bukharin (Russian)
Weinberg (Jew)
Gailiss (Jew)
Ganzburg (Jew)
Danichevski (Jew)
Starck (German)
Sachs (Jew)
Scheinmann (Jew)
Erdling (Jew)
Landauer (Jew)
Linder (Jew)
Wolach (Czech)
Dimanstein (Jew)
Encukidze (Georgian)
Ermann (Jew)
Joffe (Jew)
Karkline (Jew)
Knigissen (Jew)
Rosenfeldt (Kamenef) (Jew)
Apfelbaum (Zinovief) (Jew)
Krylenko (Russian)
Krassikof Sachs (Jew)
Kaprik (Jew)
Kaoul (Latvian)
Ulyanov (Lenin) (Russian) (Jew)*
Latsis (Jew)
Lander (Jew)
Lounatcharski (Russian)
Peterson (Latvian)
Peters (Latvian)
Roudzoutas (Jew)
Rosine (Jew)
Smidovitch (Jew)
Stoutchka (Latvian)
Nakhamkes (Steklof) (Jew)
Sosnovski (Jew)
Skrytnik (Jew)
Bronstein (Trotsky) (Jew)
Teodorovitch (Jew)
Terian (Armenian)
Ouritski (Jew)
Telechkine (Russian)
Feldmann (Jew)
Froumkine (Jew)
Souriupa (Ukrainian)
Tchavtchevadze (Georgian)
Scheikmann (Jew)
Rosental (Jew)
Achkinazi (Imeretian) (Jew) ***
Karakhane Karaim (Jew)
Rose (Jew)
Sobelson (Radek) (Jew)
Sclichter (Jew)
Schikolini (Jew)
Chklianski (Jew)
Levine (Pravdine) (Jew)
Dzerjinski (president) (Pole) (Jew)**
Peters (vice-president) (Latvian)
Chklovski (Jew)
Kheifiss (Jew)
Zeistine (Jew)
Razmirovitch (Jew)
Kronberg (Jew)
Khaikina (Jewess)
Karlson (Latvian)
Schaumann (Jew)
Leontovitch (Jew)
Jacob Goldine (Jew)
Glaperstein (Jew)
Kniggisen (Jew)
Latzis (Latvian)
Schillenkuss (Jew)
Janson (Latvian)
Rivkine (Jew)
Antonof (Russian)
Delafabre (Jew)
Tsitkine (Jew)
Roskirovitch (Jew)
G. Sverdlof (Jew)
Biesenski (Jew)
Blioumkine (Jew)
Alexandrevitch (Russian)
I. Model (Jew)
Routenberg (Jew)
Pines (Jew)
Sachs (Jew)
Daybol (Latvian)
Saissoune (Armenian)
Deylkenen (Latvian)
Liebert (Jew)
Vogel (German)
Zakiss (Latvian)

*After his death, Lenin’s Jewish ancestry was revealed to Stalin by his sister.

**Dzerjinski (Dzerzhinsky) is believed to have been a Jew by some. There are reports he spoke Yiddish at home.

*** Achkinazi is believed by some to be Jewish. Imeretia is a place in Georgia.

83% or 10 out of 12 Central Committee members were Jews.
82% or 18 out of 22 Council of the People’s Commissars were Jews.
72% or 43 out of 60 Central Executive Committee members were Jews.
69% or 25 out of 36 Extraordinary Commission of Moscow members were Jews.
Overall, 74% or 96 out of 130 positions were occupied by Jews.
The proportion may be higher if crypto-Jews are taken into account.


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