[Rabbi teaches that Jews are interdimensional alien commandos sent to conquer earth Youtube]

On the most psychologically revealing Jewish statements ever made: “We go into countries as an undercover team. We take on the same shape and form as the people there . . . we’re like undercover agents . . . We are aliens, starting to prep ourselves to conquer Earth . . . We are being trained, activated, and that emotion and mind awakens in us. It’s coming from our original planet . . . We will take over those living on Earth . . . It’s not a different galaxy, it’s a different Universe. It’s a different dimension altogether.”

by Chris Rossetti

WHEN I first saw this video by Jewish Kabbalist Michael Laitman, I thought it was a case of some prankster putting a fake “translation” soundtrack on a generic video of a rabbi lecturing Jewish students. But I started investigating, and found that the translator’s voices and styles here are identical in every way to Laitman’s numerous other lectures that I’ve seen.

Laitman is revealing an insight so deep in the Jewish soul — in the Jewish genetic programming at a sub-cellular level — that some of his own students are aghast and unbelieving. But Laitman insists; he knows he is right.


Watch, listen, and learn something fundamental about the mentality of those who dominate the modern world and who are threatening our very existence.